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Macro shots

My other half has been bugging for me to take macro shots again. Way back when in 2013 he took me to some falls. (I believe wolf creek falls but cant be sure) I had just gotten some macro converters and was experimenting with moss.  We ended up calling it “The Faerie Flats” Because it looked… Read More Macro shots

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Scripts Anyone? Set 1

**I am not affiliated in anyway with the Corel Corporation. I just really like their products and chose to create user friendly scripts for all the users to purchase Hello All!  I have, in my spare time, created my first set of scripts for the Corel PaintShop Pro program. These will work with x8-2018. (I… Read More Scripts Anyone? Set 1


Preserving Memories

A while ago I was asked to work on some photos  to try to bring sharpness and clarity to the images. Most of the images were taken with a 110 film camera and were slightly out of focus.  With no HUGE promises made I took on the task. I would normally not take on something… Read More Preserving Memories