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Playing with extension tubes

Working as much as I do on the day job, I barely get time to “play” with my camera and accessories. I finally got a day off and was awake before the rest of the house. (excluding the cats)

So with a cup of coffee in hand… I took out the trusty Nikon and the kit 55-200mm lens. I also grabbed my extension tubes… They are made by Fotodiox, and are a combination of  7mm, 14mm and 28mm tube.  The best way to explain how these work… is that they get your lens closer to your subject without having to actually get closer to the subject… not like a zoom or telephoto lens… but say… if your taking a macro shot of moss on the ground… and you dont want to face plant into the dirt… an extension tube helps…

Keep in mind.. the longer the tube… the less light you will get in your frame… so open the aperture and slower shutter speed… and tripod if you can…

Here are a few of the images that actually turned out (haha)

extenson tube

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