Remember waking up in the morning and getting a bowl of sugar pops and watching cartoons in your pajamas?  Or having “stick ball” games in the front yard with your brother.. or building “forts” out of plywood sheets that were laying around in the back yard…  the innocent times before adulthood took over…. do you remember?  Or has adulting totally taken over your life?

I think in my case… adulting took over… completely. I wake up before the sun… get coffee, get dressed in my uniform and go to work.  I come home sore, with bruises that come from nowhere, paper cuts on my cuticles and broken fingernails.  The only thing similar to being a kid… is the dirt that covers my hands…..

And then the grandkids come visit…. and I just watch them…. Playing by themselves.. imagining whatever it is they can imagine… and climbing fences with the cat….  Oh the life of a child…  the freedom from bills, stress, and adulting.  Why can’t we have this kind of happiness as adults. Why cant we see the world through the eyes of a child? Why did adulting make things so serious?

I hope that my grandkids never lose the imagination and freedom they feel… I hope that even when adulting happens… being a kid will still happen more….