As much as I love taking photos.. I have not had time. And when I have time.. I really just want to be lazy. That is how tired I am after walking 6 miles a day to deliver the mail.  However my time is not wasted. When I feel like being lazy, I stare at a few tutorials on the computer and think to myself.. “I want to learn how to do that”   and then I try it.

Keep in mind, many tutorials for photography or graphic arts are shown using the very overly priced Adobe product. I am a postal worker/wanna be photographer……  not a thousandaire. I have been using Corel products since 2004. I tried the 30 day free trial of the other one and well….. bleck! I didn’t like the change of format, the tools, or the cost. Guess I am old and stuck in my ways. Kind of like when grandma swore on Charmin and not MD toilet paper. She had to get the Charmin because she was in love with Mr. Ripple or something.   But anyways, I am a forever corel user and finding tutorials (even on their own discover and learn website) can be hard.  So I decided to wing it. 

Combining some non video steps on Corel Learn and some steps for the other programs, I guessed at how this is to be done. I have always thought it was awesome how they colorized old movies and photos from back in the day… My attempt is a FAR FAR cry from what professionals can do… but I did not mutilate the photo so I am going to call it a success. 

I guess one is never too old or tired to try and learn something new. 

**Note the background music is from my youtube playlist (we all need music when coloring) copyright to all the music is to the respective artists and their music publishing people.