Tripods and Telephoto Lenses

Why didn’t I use the tripod? Well, besides the fact that it was 8am and I was still sipping my first cuppa coffee when I decided that I needed to practice with my big ol Bower manual everything 500mm telephoto lens. 

Did I forget that I have BAD BAD hand shake? Especially with a Heavy lens on the camera? I sure did.  My personal mindset at the time was “Coffee is good” and trying to remember how to work the damn lens. 

I got the lens over 3 years ago to try and get the super cool moon images and soon after that I just didn’t have the time or desire to lug such a heavy lens around.  But this morning I thought it would be awesome to try and work with it some more. IF YOU HAVE A BIG LENS USE A TRIPOD!!! I preach it all the time..  but for some reason I tend to forget to practice what I preach.

I am far from expert when it comes to photography. But I do have years of trial and error ans well as a lot of successes. So lesson learned…. walk the 10 feet to the studio room… get the tripod… use it!!  The photos will have less blur from handshake


telephoto 5.30.16


Fiddlesticks —  fiddlesticks   Source= Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

May 18, 2016 – fiddlesticks definition, meaning, what is fiddlesticks: used to express disagreement or to say that something is nonsense.

Well this is fiddlesticks… It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything. Hell, It has been a few weeks since I have felt artistic and creative, or felt the desire to research and learn something new. My postal job is really trying to see if I will go postal and although they have not succeeded, they are getting close.

But I have managed some time off and took a “field trip” of sorts with my favoritest sound maker, synth player, music creator husband.. ( You can check him out here or here)    and was able to get some images. Finding time to edit the RAW, well that is a different story.

Here are a few of the images I have been fiddling with. (with a pen and tab… not fiddle sticks)–

Our first field trip was May 10th. I had really wanted to see the gardens at Shore Acres State park. I knew roses were starting to bloom and being a weekday would not be full of young punks ruining my old person time.  I was able to get some images, but after coming home.. realized that ugg I should have brought the tripod. It would have been so awesome to have because I have some serious hand shake at times.  These images sat on my hard drive begging to be edited… but here it is 2 and a half weeks later and I am just getting to them.

Here is the fiddle stick part… my brain is not in it… I looked at the images and… nothing….      No artistic inspiration- no emotional response from myself (how I judge my own photos) — there was nothing… I sat there removing the green from the images….

I know selective coloring is passe – a thing of the past- so outdated and such an amateur move. I have heard it all from other photographers. They can judge all they want… I create images for myself. If others like them it is a boost of confidence, but honestly I am looking for my own emotional response. I want my images to speak to me.

So after removing the green, I actually felt like the flowers had more “power”. They were brighter and happier being the center of attention. Yes, I felt the flowers emotions. They are stuck up flowers and want to be seen all the time.


shore acres gardens



still learning

I attempted another black and white photo. I believe the colors are a little better on this one but am still not happy with it.   Here are some things I learned:

  • When you choose the perfect color from the palette — it is not the perfect color… as you paint over the black and white photo.. it changes the color.
  • You Tube and online tutorials LIE! It is not as easy as they make it seem. Even with a pen and tablet for the fine lines and steadier hand it is not easy. Plan to spend hours…. I mean HOURS trying to get it semi right….  and that is not even close to right… it is just semi right.
  • Most tutorials are for Adobe Photoshop.. the ones you find for Corel Paint Shop are for older programs (x5 was the most recent I found)  I have x8…. and I am going to write to Corel and link them to this because they really need updated and more informative tutorials for things like this.
  • but most importantly.. I learned not to be too judgmental of myself. I am learning… at a slow pace between my family and day job. I can’t expect perfection on the first, second or 10th try.

I did attempt to create a video of the process of the second photo but, when it was set to render the video my computer said “Nope! not gonna make a video for you!” and the video program shut down…. so all I have is the before and after.


The colorized photo is NOT perfect. I could not get the hair color right and the strands of loose hair…. well those stayed black and white…. mainly because I was frustrated as all get out.  I was just happy to have an almost natural skin tone and highlighting on her face… the first attempt she looked like a color book page (in my opinion anyways)


So after the frustration of hair and skin tone… I decided to go for something easy… a seashell on the beach… not too hard right?  Well remember the things I learned… the very first one? Coloring…. I chose a sand color and it was Orange… bright orange! But I did get a small video of the process and it was easier than skin tone… so for now I will practice with easy stuff… and gradually work my way up…. or I will just keep jumping right into the hard stuff…. since that is more like me to do 🙂