still learning

I attempted another black and white photo. I believe the colors are a little better on this one but am still not happy with it.   Here are some things I learned:

  • When you choose the perfect color from the palette — it is not the perfect color… as you paint over the black and white photo.. it changes the color.
  • You Tube and online tutorials LIE! It is not as easy as they make it seem. Even with a pen and tablet for the fine lines and steadier hand it is not easy. Plan to spend hours…. I mean HOURS trying to get it semi right….  and that is not even close to right… it is just semi right.
  • Most tutorials are for Adobe Photoshop.. the ones you find for Corel Paint Shop are for older programs (x5 was the most recent I found)  I have x8…. and I am going to write to Corel and link them to this because they really need updated and more informative tutorials for things like this.
  • but most importantly.. I learned not to be too judgmental of myself. I am learning… at a slow pace between my family and day job. I can’t expect perfection on the first, second or 10th try.

I did attempt to create a video of the process of the second photo but, when it was set to render the video my computer said “Nope! not gonna make a video for you!” and the video program shut down…. so all I have is the before and after.


The colorized photo is NOT perfect. I could not get the hair color right and the strands of loose hair…. well those stayed black and white…. mainly because I was frustrated as all get out.  I was just happy to have an almost natural skin tone and highlighting on her face… the first attempt she looked like a color book page (in my opinion anyways)


So after the frustration of hair and skin tone… I decided to go for something easy… a seashell on the beach… not too hard right?  Well remember the things I learned… the very first one? Coloring…. I chose a sand color and it was Orange… bright orange! But I did get a small video of the process and it was easier than skin tone… so for now I will practice with easy stuff… and gradually work my way up…. or I will just keep jumping right into the hard stuff…. since that is more like me to do 🙂




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