Tripods and Telephoto Lenses

Why didn’t I use the tripod? Well, besides the fact that it was 8am and I was still sipping my first cuppa coffee when I decided that I needed to practice with my big ol Bower manual everything 500mm telephoto lens. 

Did I forget that I have BAD BAD hand shake? Especially with a Heavy lens on the camera? I sure did.  My personal mindset at the time was “Coffee is good” and trying to remember how to work the damn lens. 

I got the lens over 3 years ago to try and get the super cool moon images and soon after that I just didn’t have the time or desire to lug such a heavy lens around.  But this morning I thought it would be awesome to try and work with it some more. IF YOU HAVE A BIG LENS USE A TRIPOD!!! I preach it all the time..  but for some reason I tend to forget to practice what I preach.

I am far from expert when it comes to photography. But I do have years of trial and error ans well as a lot of successes. So lesson learned…. walk the 10 feet to the studio room… get the tripod… use it!!  The photos will have less blur from handshake


telephoto 5.30.16

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