The never ending client/photographer battle

I have been behind a camera in one way or another for going on 3o years now. And there is always that one question a client will ask that leaves a bad taste in the photographers mouth, and the answer leaves a bad taste in the clients mouth.

It is a never ending battle. The answer is never good enough, and these days the client reactions seem to get worse. With social media being the foremost way to communicate with whole communities at a time… one bad comment from a dissatisfied client can ruin a career for a photographer in an alreay dwindling profession.

What is the question and the answer???


“Can I have ALL the photos you took?”


The reason being is NOT because we are greedy photographers that want to charge you more money. You may think this is the case but it is not. In fact, after the cost of zip drives/cd’s printing costs, time to edit, taxes, gas etc.  — your photographer makes on average about $2.50 an hour…

Here are just a FEW reasons why we do not give all the photos out.


  • For every 15 photos– only one is usable – that means out of 150 photos there may be 10 good ones.
    Half Blink/ Squinty eyes.. Not usable to give to a client!

    Half blinked eyes do not make for a frame-able image!
  • Photographers each have individual editing techniques and editing 150 negatives take time- which costs money
  • Most photographers offer packages and to keep things “fair” across the board choose the best of the best for the packages..

    Image obtained from
    Image obtained from
  • YOU are paying for the best! You chose your photographer based on the portfolio, meaning you like their styling.  SO please, don’t give bad reviews and bash the photographer just for trying to make a living.  Be grateful there is someone there to capture moments in time for you. And remember that the camera creates the image as much as the stove creates a meal!

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