Shasta City– in Black and white with a Pop of color

Back in the beginning of June, we had plans for this most extravagant vacation. It was supposed to be 11 days of travel and sightseeing.  Due to vehicle issues and other cosmic forces, our 11 days dwindled to 3.

We did not get all the places we planned to go, but we did find an awesome little historic town– Shasta City.  Just a few miles west of Redding, Ca on the 299 hwy.

We almost passed right through not knowing what this little historical district was…. but we noticed the dilapidated buildings (I am a sucker for dilapidation) and had to stop.

The first building we saw was the Bull, Baker & Co., store– To read the history on this store please visit here –>



You can feel the history in this little town, from the cold storage tunnel to the blacksmith shop.. the bricks all tell a story.

Shortly after we found a cute little camp site about 40 miles west…. and I attempted some star shots. I say attempted because I can never get them right…. But if you are ever traveling… and want to see some history…. turn onto 299 west from Redding…..

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