Preserving Memories


A while ago I was asked to work on some photos  to try to bring sharpness and clarity to the images. Most of the images were taken with a 110 film camera and were slightly out of focus.  With no HUGE promises made I took on the task.

I would normally not take on something like this. Fixing the coloring and lighting on a digital image is tons easier than working with a print from the pre-digital days. But, this was something that I felt in my heart I had to do.

On a personal note, I have a bad memory, worse than most people realize and I use my photos that I take to help me remember things that we have done, to remember family events, etc..   My photos are my “trigger” object to remember things.  I believe that photos do this for many people… even those who have better brains than I do.  Although I cannot bring clarity to the actual memory that these photos represent… I did my best to bring clarity to the images, wholeheartedly hoping that they bring the clarity and emotion that is being searched for within them.

My heart and soul went into bringing back these memories and even if I was not there for the events, I was able to feel what these images mean to the owner of them. I hope that the work I have done to them is what she is wanting/needing and that I have made her heart and mind happy seeing her memories a little bit clearer, brighter and sharper than they were.

So with love, I share the before and after images of memories~

#1 The Navy Photo

This image is actually a photo of a photo.  What was presented to me was an image that was a black and white “fuzzy” image with no contrast or clarity to our brave soldier. After many layers, overlays, and some advice from the pros at Corel, I was able to get more clarity where it needed to be.

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#2 Looking at you pup

We all love our fur-babies… and when the fur-baby loves you back… it is evident.  The white balance in this was off, but other than some minor adjustments this was a quick and easy fix. The love of the pup to his person is very obvious and made me smile just looking at this image. One of my personal favorites


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#3 Wedding Day

When someone says wedding, most people think of huge churches and even larger dresses with all the bells and whistles. Personally, when I hear wedding, I think of love and eternal commitment to the one standing with you.  These images are just that. A wonderful couple that committed to each other, and a man who committed to love a child as his own.  These were the most difficult to clarify. When I enhanced the sharpness the color faded into the shadows and the faces looked almost “gothic”. My husband had to tell me to walk away many times because my personal frustration was making it hard for me to see straight. I wanted so much for these images to be “perfect”. But after days and days of being angry with myself, I came to terms with my mind, and realized that the perfection was in the heart of trying my best and that as much as I wanted to be, I was not a miracle worker.  I worked hard at taking a blurry image and sharpening and clarifying and enhancing without distorting the image itself. These images tested my abilities and I think overall… I passed the test…







#4 Football

Well the name says it all. This is an image of the family either before or after a game. It was spotted with “pollen” or white fuzz and the colors didn’t seem to POP– so After some manual spot removal and sharpening the image was given a little more life.

ftball1 ftball2


#5 Couch

The happy couple on the couch- The random shot that you never expected someone to take. We all have a few of those. Brightness and sharpness added to the image so that they didn’t blend into the wall. I also created a cropped image.


#6 Laughing

This image gave me troubles. I wanted to give up do many times. It was the eyes…  When I would sharpen they looked like black blobs… But I did not give up… with lots of layers and editing I found his eyes… it took a bit to blend them in right but you can now see the full laugh in his eyes.


#7 Looking at her

This image was one I pondered even doing. It was dark, a lot of shadows and not one person was looking at the camera. I stared it it for a few moments and thought, “Well, lets just lighten it and see”. Then I saw it… the look in his eye as he looked at his wife… it was worth editing and cropping…


#8 The look

You know when you look at a photo, you can almost imagine the moment and play it out in your head like a book or TV series. You make up a story like that brings you to the moment where she said “Look at the camera” and he looks at her adoringly instead as she snaps the photo.  This is one of those photos


There are others that I have done over the past few months. Between work and medical issues and just being too darned tired. But, they are done, getting burned to a disk and put into the store (slowly.. but some are there) so she can order enlarged prints of her choice.

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  1. I can see the love you put into this. It is as if you knew him, and the love we shared for many ears. I appreciate all of your hard work, when I look at these photos I see him and I feel blessed that you are able to do such wonderful work with old and grainy photos. these are my prized possessions now as they bring a part of him back to me. thank-you is not enough but it is all I have.

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