The Concave Mirror Lens

A few weeks ago, my other half of the spectrum bought me a mirror lens. This is old technology in a new world. And for those like me who are used to the auto focus, vibration reduction, etc etc… the first time working with a concave mirror lens is like the first time riding a 2 wheeler without trainer wheels.  

I am a Nikon user. So I got the T-mount lens adapter and the 500mm fixed aperture @f/8 lens made by Optika (my camera reads no lens attached so everything has to be done manually)

My first thought was “How the hell do I take a photo with that black thing in the middle of the lens? I dont get how it works! So I had to turn to my trusty friend… Google. I didn’t really understand the physics so I found a video on YouTube..  Hopefully it will help you all understand what I didn’t. the video belongs to Bruce Yeany. you can subscribe to him on YouTube.

So, with the how does it work kind of out of the way.. I HAD to test it out. I will say, that a tripod and wireless remote is recommended. The lens, although small for a 500mm zoom, is heavy!

I,  of course, can’t seem to take my own advice and did most of my test shots hand held.

I feel like I am in a middle school  beginning photography course with this lens. But I am excited to master it before I am too old to remember that I like taking photos.

Here are a few of the test shots I took — They are NOT my best work…

We can only achieve perfection through trying and failing

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