Scripts Anyone? Set 1

**I am not affiliated in anyway with the Corel Corporation. I just really like their products and chose to create user friendly scripts for all the users to purchase

Hello All!  I have, in my spare time, created my first set of scripts for the Corel PaintShop Pro program. These will work with x8-2018. (I have not tried with older versions)

**Note**  These will not work with all photos. I have tested them on multiple photos and they are awesome (in my opinion) But some photos just didn’t work well with the selected script. 

I have been using Corel PaintShop Pro since 2007! I have tried the other program, and just can not buy into the subscription service or pay an outrageous fee for something that I can get in this program. Personally, I feel that the PSP is 1000% easier to use than the other program. But, that is just my opinion.

Scripts are basically the same as “actions” in the other program. They are super simple to use and if you have a favorite script, you can run it on a full batch of photos and save time in post editing.

Corel has a multitude of tutorials on how to use scripts as well as other functions of their program. If you dont have the program, you can download a 30 free trial here!

I have taken screenshots of some sample images of the scripts you will get in the Set 1 package. There are a total of 10 scripts. However, I have only screen captured samples of 4 of them.





The Scripts included in set 1 are:

CC-IRgradiantsun– Changes to IR photo with corner sunflare and gradient overlay

CC-UVcoloradjust– Takes all the red out of an image and changes to a UV color

CC-blueredhistogram– adjust the histogram using blue and red tones to brighten and sharpen images. *note… some images may have more of a blue tone after script process*

CC-greenlightblur–luminesce histogram green histogram center focus blur edge

CC-WarmSun– white balance with soft sunrays

CC-touchoffall2– Warm photo, changes select green tones to red/orange tones for a fall look

CC-CrispLight– *adds fill light *reduces green and *sharpens image

CC-B&WClearLight– converts to b/w image… adds fill light clarifies

CC-Marbles– converts images into an abstract marble/globe

CC-Frosted– Changes select green tones to light winter/white color


You will receive all 10 scripts in a digital download for only $20!

Please visit our online store to place an order! Also check out the available canvas prints! They are great to give as gifts or just to hang in your own space!

Thank you so much for taking the time to view the sample scripts and for visiting the store! I hope you have enjoyed these and please come back to check for updates!

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