More with the concave mirror

Being a postal worker can drive one postal.

Especially when the true passion in life is capturing life 1/500 sec at a time, and sharing that with the world.

As some of you may have read in one of my previous posts, my wonderful other half, Michael, got me a concave mirror lens that can shoot up to 1000mm distance. It has been a learning experience for me as the lens is all manual and re-learning light to distance with this is a time consuming process for me.

I have learned that using the concave mirror telephoto,  is like having extension tubes on your lens.  You have to adjust the ISO a bit higher (ISO 800 seems to work well for me) to allow more light to process and you also need to adjust for shutter speed and aperture.   Because the lens is all manual, the exif data on the image will not show the f-stop or focal length as the digital camera does not recognize the lens.  I am hoping to be able to learn the perfect settings for wildlife/birds and other natural things. I want to be able to get great color and no fuzziness.

I, however, keep forgetting my own advice…. I always shoot handheld… and never on my tripod…. Maybe one day I will listen to myself.

But, in between work and work, oh and more work…. I have been “playing around” trying to capture hummingbirds, playing with donut bokeh (yes, it does exist) and just trying to learn what the limits are with this lens.

(I have figured out that maybe I need to adjust the diopter on my camera… as my eyes are not what they used to be.)

I hope you enjoy the gallery of my attempts, failures, experiments and hopefully some successful shots! Remember to comment on the post 🙂 Let me know what you think, or if you have questions.


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