The Lost Mojo

It has been a while since I posted anything. A year to be exact.  I seem to have lost my MoJo for photos. The creative side of my brain was replaced with work, work, family, and expanding the family.  Medical appointments, research on genetic disorders, and did I mention work.

My other half tries to get me motivated for photography, we go out somewhere and he will ask ” Do you want to stop for a photo of that?” Knowing that normally I would be having him stop.

Don’t get me wrong, I love photography. I love manipulating the light to get the image that I see in my mind… It is just that my mind, is preoccupied. And, I have come to terms with that for now.

I knew that once we got our little cub that my hobby would have to take a seat on the back burner…

He comes first and foremost, and providing for him is the most important.

I just wanted to let those that do want to keep up with me know that I am here… I am still trying to create beautiful images and working on scripts to use with Corel PSP2019 when I have a few moments in the evening.

And, when Niagra falls and gets back up (think about that one) I will be posting more Beautiful people, and Places.

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