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Scripts for Corel Paintshop pro!

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10 Scripts for Corel Paintshop pro.
Scripts include:
CC-IRgradiantsun– Changes to IR photo with corner sunflare and gradient overlay

CC-UVcoloradjust– Takes all the red out of an image and changes to a UV color

CC-blueredhistogram– adjust the histogram using blue and red tones to brighten and sharpen images. *note… some images may have more of a blue tone after script process*

CC-greenlightblur–luminesce histogram green histogram center focus blur edge

CC-WarmSun– white balance with soft sunrays

CC-touchoffall– Warm photo, changes select green tones to red/orange tones for a fall look

CC-CrispLight– *adds fill light *reduces green and *sharpens image

CC-B&WClearLight– converts to b/w image… adds fill light clarifies

CC-Marbles– converts images into an abstract marble/globe

CC-Frosted– Changes select green tones to light winter/white color

Way back when….

Way back when….  Oh so long ago…. I look at these now and see how much I am still learning about becoming an alchemist of light.
Way back when I was a studio photographer things were so crisp and clear… we had a strict set of posing we had to follow, Head shot, full body shot, arm shot and one “special light” pose….  things were structured… easy and very cookie cutter…..   Then those studios closed… the “retail” photography chains were no more… and freelance became a challenge of its own……  and I still learn… with every photo….


Mitchell 2010

Almost 6 years ago (Oct 2010) My friend got married to her long time partner. I was NOT the hired photographer at the wedding. I was there as a friend only… but of course I never left home without the camera.  These are some candid images I got of their day.  And although we have lost touch in some aspects, and life has thrown many roadblocks in their path… they are still together, still going strong….



Remembering when

Remember waking up in the morning and getting a bowl of sugar pops and watching cartoons in your pajamas?  Or having “stick ball” games in the front yard with your brother.. or building “forts” out of plywood sheets that were laying around in the back yard…  the innocent times before adulthood took over…. do you remember?  Or has adulting totally taken over your life?

I think in my case… adulting took over… completely. I wake up before the sun… get coffee, get dressed in my uniform and go to work.  I come home sore, with bruises that come from nowhere, paper cuts on my cuticles and broken fingernails.  The only thing similar to being a kid… is the dirt that covers my hands…..

And then the grandkids come visit…. and I just watch them…. Playing by themselves.. imagining whatever it is they can imagine… and climbing fences with the cat….  Oh the life of a child…  the freedom from bills, stress, and adulting.  Why can’t we have this kind of happiness as adults. Why cant we see the world through the eyes of a child? Why did adulting make things so serious?

I hope that my grandkids never lose the imagination and freedom they feel… I hope that even when adulting happens… being a kid will still happen more….




Who does not love sweet things? Husband and I took one of my very few days off and headed to Bandon, Or. It was cold, windy and damp… but mmmm the candy  ….


Candy, Sweets and yumminess


These were taken a few years back when Miss Harlee graduated from HighSchool.


I had done a “Cutest couples” photo contest. This wonderful couple won the free photo shoot.  I look at these photos now and can see how much I have grown as a photographer, even in just the few years it has been.




Jan 09 2014

I volunteered my time and donated wedding photos to this lovely couple. I even had my daughter along with me to be the 2nd camera.