Preserving Memories

A while ago I was asked to work on some photos  to try to bring sharpness and clarity to the images. Most of the images were taken with a 110 film camera and were slightly out of focus.  With no HUGE promises made I took on the task. I would normally not take on something… Read More Preserving Memories


Mitchell 2010

Almost 6 years ago (Oct 2010) My friend got married to her long time partner. I was NOT the hired photographer at the wedding. I was there as a friend only… but of course I never left home without the camera.  These are some candid images I got of their day.  And although we have… Read More Mitchell 2010

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Remembering when

Remember waking up in the morning and getting a bowl of sugar pops and watching cartoons in your pajamas?  Or having “stick ball” games in the front yard with your brother.. or building “forts” out of plywood sheets that were laying around in the back yard…  the innocent times before adulthood took over…. do you… Read More Remembering when



I had done a “Cutest couples” photo contest. This wonderful couple won the free photo shoot.  I look at these photos now and can see how much I have grown as a photographer, even in just the few years it has been.    



Jan 09 2014 I volunteered my time and donated wedding photos to this lovely couple. I even had my daughter along with me to be the 2nd camera.