Macro shots

My other half has been bugging for me to take macro shots again.

Way back when in 2013 he took me to some falls. (I believe wolf creek falls but cant be sure) I had just gotten some macro converters and was experimenting with moss.  We ended up calling it “The Faerie Flats” Because it looked like a place Faeries would live.

So a few weeks ago I started my day with coffee… a needy GSD.. and some macro of moss… I don’t think anything will top Faerie Flats, but nothing is ever better than the originals 😉

We eventually made it out to Powers Oregon to the falls there and I was able to get some more macros as well as some awesome shots of the falls.

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More with the concave mirror

Being a postal worker can drive one postal.

Especially when the true passion in life is capturing life 1/500 sec at a time, and sharing that with the world.

As some of you may have read in one of my previous posts, my wonderful other half, Michael, got me a concave mirror lens that can shoot up to 1000mm distance. It has been a learning experience for me as the lens is all manual and re-learning light to distance with this is a time consuming process for me.

I have learned that using the concave mirror telephoto,  is like having extension tubes on your lens.  You have to adjust the ISO a bit higher (ISO 800 seems to work well for me) to allow more light to process and you also need to adjust for shutter speed and aperture.   Because the lens is all manual, the exif data on the image will not show the f-stop or focal length as the digital camera does not recognize the lens.  I am hoping to be able to learn the perfect settings for wildlife/birds and other natural things. I want to be able to get great color and no fuzziness.

I, however, keep forgetting my own advice…. I always shoot handheld… and never on my tripod…. Maybe one day I will listen to myself.

But, in between work and work, oh and more work…. I have been “playing around” trying to capture hummingbirds, playing with donut bokeh (yes, it does exist) and just trying to learn what the limits are with this lens.

(I have figured out that maybe I need to adjust the diopter on my camera… as my eyes are not what they used to be.)

I hope you enjoy the gallery of my attempts, failures, experiments and hopefully some successful shots! Remember to comment on the post 🙂 Let me know what you think, or if you have questions.


The Concave Mirror Lens

A few weeks ago, my other half of the spectrum bought me a mirror lens. This is old technology in a new world. And for those like me who are used to the auto focus, vibration reduction, etc etc… the first time working with a concave mirror lens is like the first time riding a 2 wheeler without trainer wheels.  

I am a Nikon user. So I got the T-mount lens adapter and the 500mm fixed aperture @f/8 lens made by Optika (my camera reads no lens attached so everything has to be done manually)

My first thought was “How the hell do I take a photo with that black thing in the middle of the lens? I dont get how it works! So I had to turn to my trusty friend… Google. I didn’t really understand the physics so I found a video on YouTube..  Hopefully it will help you all understand what I didn’t. the video belongs to Bruce Yeany. you can subscribe to him on YouTube.

So, with the how does it work kind of out of the way.. I HAD to test it out. I will say, that a tripod and wireless remote is recommended. The lens, although small for a 500mm zoom, is heavy!

I,  of course, can’t seem to take my own advice and did most of my test shots hand held.

I feel like I am in a middle school  beginning photography course with this lens. But I am excited to master it before I am too old to remember that I like taking photos.

Here are a few of the test shots I took — They are NOT my best work…

We can only achieve perfection through trying and failing

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Shasta City– in Black and white with a Pop of color

Back in the beginning of June, we had plans for this most extravagant vacation. It was supposed to be 11 days of travel and sightseeing.  Due to vehicle issues and other cosmic forces, our 11 days dwindled to 3.

We did not get all the places we planned to go, but we did find an awesome little historic town– Shasta City.  Just a few miles west of Redding, Ca on the 299 hwy.

We almost passed right through not knowing what this little historical district was…. but we noticed the dilapidated buildings (I am a sucker for dilapidation) and had to stop.

The first building we saw was the Bull, Baker & Co., store– To read the history on this store please visit here –>



You can feel the history in this little town, from the cold storage tunnel to the blacksmith shop.. the bricks all tell a story.

Shortly after we found a cute little camp site about 40 miles west…. and I attempted some star shots. I say attempted because I can never get them right…. But if you are ever traveling… and want to see some history…. turn onto 299 west from Redding…..

Thanks for viewing the gallery..  Please leave comments.. I love the feedback 🙂



Port Orford

July 19th– We needed a day out. I work sometimes 6 days a week and on my days off, I am in the mood for nothing. But, we needed to get out of town.

We drove the 50 miles south on the coast to Port Orford. It was the weekend before the Cape Blanco Music Festival, so part of what we saw was tons of vendor tents being set up and fields being turned into makeshift parking lots… not too pretty…


Our first stop was the Historic Hughes house. I love this house. I want to own this house, live in this house, and just enjoy the view.

We then went to the Cape Blanco Light house. It is still a working lighthouse, and the walk to the cliffs overlooking the ocean is just a short grassy trail.

The day was not planned for photos. However I did get some to add to the gallery. I have more I will add in as time permits.