Flora Screensaver

Themed screen savers or background images.  Not print quality.
Flora screensaver includes 27 images for only $15.00
*After downloading. Please add the image files to “my pictures” folder on computer.
Set your screen saver settings to the desired folder.

Set 1 Corel PSP Scripts

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Scripts for Corel Paintshop pro!




10 Scripts for Corel Paintshop pro.
Scripts include:

CC-IRgradiantsun– Changes to IR photo with corner sun flare and gradient overlay


CC-UVcoloradjust-– Takes all the red out of an image and changes to a UV color






CC-blueredhistogram— adjust the histogram using blue and red tones to brighten and sharpen images. *note… some images may have more of a blue tone after script process*

CC-greenlightblur–luminesce histogram green histogram center focus blur edge

CC-WarmSun— white balance with soft sunrays

CC-touchoffall— Warm photo, changes select green tones to red/orange tones for a fall look


CC-CrispLight– *adds fill light *reduces green and *sharpens image

CC-B&WClearLight-– converts to b/w image… adds fill light clarifies

CC-Marbles-– converts images into an abstract marble/globe

CC-Frosted-– Changes select green tones to light winter/white color