Port Orford

July 19th– We needed a day out. I work sometimes 6 days a week and on my days off, I am in the mood for nothing. But, we needed to get out of town. We drove the 50 miles south on the coast to Port Orford. It was the weekend before the Cape Blanco Music… Read More Port Orford

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RAW photo processing

There is a never ending, internal battle in every photographer. Be is a hobbyist, amateur, or professional. At one point in time we all go through this battle. Why should I shoot RAW when my JPG images turn out fine? Well, I am not here to answer the internal question… it is like trying to answer “What… Read More RAW photo processing

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Fiddlesticks —  fiddlesticks   Source= Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary May 18, 2016 – fiddlesticks definition, meaning, what is fiddlesticks: used to express disagreement or to say that something is nonsense. Well this is fiddlesticks… It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything. Hell, It has been a few weeks since I have… Read More Fiddlesticks

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still learning

I attempted another black and white photo. I believe the colors are a little better on this one but am still not happy with it.   Here are some things I learned: When you choose the perfect color from the palette — it is not the perfect color… as you paint over the black and… Read More still learning


Mitchell 2010

Almost 6 years ago (Oct 2010) My friend got married to her long time partner. I was NOT the hired photographer at the wedding. I was there as a friend only… but of course I never left home without the camera.  These are some candid images I got of their day.  And although we have… Read More Mitchell 2010

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Remembering when

Remember waking up in the morning and getting a bowl of sugar pops and watching cartoons in your pajamas?  Or having “stick ball” games in the front yard with your brother.. or building “forts” out of plywood sheets that were laying around in the back yard…  the innocent times before adulthood took over…. do you… Read More Remembering when